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Wood Floor Repair, Refinishing & Restoration In Tucson, Arizona offers the best in wood floor cleaning, refreshing and refinishing of hardwood flooring surfaces in Tucson, AZ.

We are Bona trained craftsmen and utilize only the finest practices, equipment and methods for our refinishing projects. We feature tried and tested Bona wood floor cleaning products and sealers that are not only extremely durable but environmentally friendly as well. We also utilize the latest in sanding and finishing machines made by Bona that provide class leading wood floor refinishing results.

Concerned about dust? We use a "dustless" method and while it may not be totally dust free it does remove at least 95% of the dust that is created during sanding process from the work area. We achieve a nearly dust free restoration environment by having our wood floor cleaning and sanding equipment attached to powerful 2 stage HEPA vacuums. This provides multiple benefits; first is that it

ensures a better finished product i.e. easier to obtain a smoother more uniform finished product due to less dust and contaminants floating in the air preventing them from landing on the fresh surface. Second there is less household cleanup and dusting required after the wood floor refinishing is completed and third it is a safer breathing environment for the customer and contractor alike.

An example of a wood floor with a worn, dirty finish but underlying wood still in relatively good shape

Tucson, Arizona wood floor refinishing and restoration

Because wood floor was in relatively good shape customer opted to do a light sand and re-coat, revitalizing floor without the cost and time of a complete refinish

Good for the environment: features oil and water base wood stains and sealers. Today's water born finishes have come a long way from even just a few years ago. The new Bona water based line of products offer all of the benefits of oil while shortening dry times so you can move your furniture in quicker and be back on your wood floor sooner. Water based wood refinishing products also are VOC (volatile organic compounds) compliant meaning they are much less toxic and the odor generated from them dissipates much quicker than it would with oil based finishes.

A range of options: when it comes to refinishing we offer multiple options depending on your floors condition. As pictured above if your wood floor substrate is not too worn or damaged and its mainly the finish that needs help many times we can refresh the wood floor without need to do a complete sand, strip and refinish. Being able to refresh a floor saves the customer time and money and dramatically reduces down time so you can get back to using the space and on with your life.

Full service: Some hardwood floors need a full restoration strip and refinish. This can be the case for a number of different reasons, the wood might have deeper scratches in it that the re-coat method might not solve. Likewise the floor may have other imperfections as well like dents, gouges or missing pieces of wood that due to wear and tear have developed over time. There may now be visible gaps between some of the wood floor planks that need to be color matched and filled. Or maybe you just want to change the color of your wood floor by staining it a different color. All of these are potential reasons to do a complete sand, strip and refinish. is Tucson, Arizona's full service wood floor refinishing solution and we can help you explore the options available to you. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us below or call 520-906-4013.