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Travertine Restoration Tucson, AZ

Cleaning Sealing Polishing offers the best in Travertine service in Tucson and surrounding areas. We have the experience and the equipment needed to not only clean but completely restore dirty, worn and damaged Travertine stone counter-tops, showers, walls and floor tiles.

We use only the highest end Klindex equipment made in Italy and follow the Italian stone restoration processes from the natural stone masters themselves. Not to many people know Limestone, Travertine and Marble better than the Italians.

This combination of knowledge and equipment allows to not only clean the dirtiest Travertine tile but to tackle the toughest restoration jobs that many others can't AND have them come out correctly.

Using the traditional Italian methods of diamond grinding, honing and polishing in many cases makes it possible to create a finished floor that looks even better than the day it was installed.

Example of a dirty Travertine floor before cleaning and sealing in Marana, AZ

Tucson, Oro Valley Travertine cleaning Arizona

 Travertine floor after cleaning and sealing in Marana, AZ

Floor looks wet but is actually dry and ready for foot traffic & furniture immediately after being sealed specializes in natural stone restoration. We have specialized equipment to not only clean and seal natural stones like Travertine, Marble, Limestone and Granite but we also restore these surfaces. We can fill gaps and holes in your natural stone surfaces usually providing a fairly close color match.

We follow European stone care and restoration methods and have specialized machines and diamond tooling to remove scratches and gouges from your Travertine tile floors and natural stone. We can even restore and polish vertical surfaces like showers, and accent walls that may need to be cleaned and refreshed.

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The pictures above are an example of Travertine tile scratch removal. The scratches were caused during the delivery of new appliances. removed scratches and diamond polished tiles to a hi-hone finish.

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