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Slate Cleaning And Restoration In

Tucson, Arizona

Slate derives from a shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash. Slate stone is mainly composed of quartz and muscovite along with chlorite and pyrite.


Once slate is mined at the quarry it is usually cut into smaller blocks with diamond saws. Later during the cutting phase, the slate is split into tile form, many times by hand. Depending on the vein being mined and geographical location slate can come in an array of different natural colors that are native to the stones character.​


Once the Slate stone is mined from the earth and turned into tile form it can be machined and manipulated to have an almost smooth finish similar to a porcelain or ceramic tile or a rougher much more textured look with ridges and hills and valleys on the stone. Slate is commonly grey but also can be green, copper and purplish in color.


All of the possible variations and ways to cut slate stone make slate an interesting choice for roof tiles, showers, tile surrounds, countertops and of course flooring coverings.  ​

Even though slate is nearly waterproof and has one of the lowest water absorption rates of any stone at 0.4% it is still recommended to have your slate cleaned and sealed yearly to make sure that the surface is protected and preserved not to mention yearly sealing of traffic ways helps keep grout joints looking clean, and keep them easy to clean.


Cleaning and chemically sealing slate has its advantages beyond preservation. There are multiple sealing options to choose from. Some customers choose a stone enhancer that is primarily designed to enhance the natural beauty of slate making the color of the stones really pop. Some choose water based or solvent based sealers depending on whether the slate stone is indoors or outside and exposed to the elements. You can choose from more of a matte finish sealer all the way up to high gloss. There are penetrating sealers that bond with the slate stone creating a barrier and locking out moisture. There is also protective wax-like finishes that sit on top of the stone surface that can create a beautiful finish. Other customers simply choose to clean their slate and then keep it in its natural state and not add a sealer or enhancer of any kind.​

Slate is a versatile stone and if cared for properly a durable material that will look great and last decades. Call in Tucson Az today for your free quote on your stones maintenance.