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January 7, 2019





Stretching dollars


Many homeowners put off replacing flooring for longer than they would like because of budget constraints.  However, there are several things you can do to stretch your flooring funds.  If you have carpet, you can remove the old carpet yourself.  It’s hard work and will require a few tools and some time, but depending on your budget, it could be a worthwhile investment.  Another option is to choose a flooring material that is appropriate to your lifestyle.  For instance, if you have pets and kids, white shag carpeting in your high-traffic areas won’t endure as well as a solid surface choice.  You also might be able to hang onto older flooring in some rooms and just replace the areas which are outdated or worn.  In the rooms where you retain the old flooring, a thorough cleaning or refinishing can help those floors look and feel refreshed. 


Selecting shades


Light and bright?  Dark and cozy?  Choosing the right color for your floor can make a huge difference in the atmosphere when the room is complete.  For instance, warm, dark colors tend to make the room seem more intimate, yet light colors in some materials can be difficult to keep from looking dingy.  Another option is to bear in mind color theory.  Think about cooler tones making an environment calming since they absorb more light, and warm colors feeling more inviting.  Try looking at samples in the rooms where the floor will be installed, and at different times of day to see the effects of different lighting. 


Choosing materials


There is an abundance of great material to choose from these days, and all offer their own pros and cons.  Hardwood floors are beautiful and can last a lifetime, but they tend to be more expensive than other selections up front, and they are not appropriate for rooms with a lot of moisture, like a bathroom.  Laminates offer the look of wood, stone, and other materials without the higher price tag, although if a piece becomes damaged you need to replace the piece since there isn’t a way to make repairs.  Vinyl is inexpensive, versatile, and far more attractive than it was back in the day, so it’s an economic and durable selection worth consideration.  Tile can chip but is relatively easy to replace.  Other popular choices are glass and stone, which wear well but