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April 6, 2017

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Tidy-Ups and Loose Ends: What to Tend to Before You Move into Your New Abode

September 24, 2018

Your new home is a big investment, and few events are more exciting than moving in.  However, moving into a house full of pollutants and allergens can quickly take the wind out of your sails.  Here are some ideas for removing dirt and debris from your new place so you can breathe easy on the big day. 


Something in the air


Preparing your home for taking up residence is a key to establishing a healthy environment.  Even if your new abode appeared to be spotless when you toured it last, much has occurred since then.  The process of hauling out furniture and boxes often leaves some residual dirt.  On top of that, homes harbor indoor pollutants.  While the sources of indoor pollution vary, some of the common types include dust, mold, smoke, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs.  All of these tiny particles are invisible to your naked eye, but your home’s air can actually be more contaminated with pollution than outdoor air.  Consider making one of your first investments for your new home an air purifier, especially one that doesn’t need a filter and will therefore cost less over time.  Air purifiers are specifically designed to reduce indoor pollutants and improve air quality, allowing you and your family members to breathe cleaner air and enjoy better health and well-being. 


Go with the flow


You should take steps to improve airflow and ventilation in your new home.  As American Home Shield explains, improper ventilation can trap pollutants and allergens in your home as well as increase moisture levels.  With increased moisture, you are at higher risk for mold and bacteria concerns.  To ensure optimal airflow and efficiency, check the air filters on your furnace system and replace them as needed. 


Fix and mend


Go through your new home looking for any dings, nail holes, remaining hooks or screws, or other issues from the previous owner.  Take your tools and some drywall patch material with you so you can make repairs as you go.  Then, deep clean!  One recommendation is to start cleaning overhead and work down.  Keep an eye open for cobwebs and dust, and be sure to peek at every corner and windowsill.  Bed, Bath and Beyond recommends paying special attention to light fixtures and crown molding, since they are easy for the previous homeowner to have overlooked.  Also, before you move into your new house, consider renting a carpet shampooer and giving the carpet a thorough cleansing.  Dig deep into your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cupboards, and closets, and clean them thoroughly as well.  Sanitize the interiors of cabinets and cupboards to help avoid pests.  You may want to use a house cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t miss any key points. 


Make it yours


Before you settle into your new home, you should have the locks changed.  You never know who was given a key before, so installing new locks is a smart step toward feeling secure in your new home.  Also, take the opportunity to become familiar with the main water valve and circuit breaker box.  In the middle of an emergency isn’t the time to get to know these basic features, so get comfortable right off the bat. 


Ounce of prevention


Once your home is move-in ready, you should embrace some basic policies to stay ahead of allergens and other unhealthy


particles.  For instance, one suggestion is to remove your shoes whenever entering your home.  Regular, thorough cleaning can help you stay ahead of dirt and debris as well.  Clean window coverings once a month, wash bedding weekly, and vacuum twice each week.  You can also spray an allergen reducer on a regular basis; spritz bedding, curtains, rugs and upholstery to control accumulating particles.  


Fresh and clean


Moving into your new place should be one of the highlights of your life.  Don’t let dirt and debris drag you down!  Do some tidy-ups and tie up loose ends to ensure your new abode is truly move-in ready.




Suzie Wilson is an interior designer with more than 20 years experience. What started as a hobby (and often, a favor to friends) turned into a passion for creating soothing spaces in homes of every size and style. While her goal always includes making homes look beautiful, her true focus is on fashioning them into serene, stress-free environments that inspire tranquility in all who enter. The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Home for an Open House is filled with tips, tricks and other advice based on Suzie’s years of experience in interior home design that will set you up for success.