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April 6, 2017

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The Importance of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

February 26, 2017



The neat and elegant look of a carpet enhances the interior of your house, giving a neat and clean look to the area where it is laid in. Carpets are highly helpful in cold countries where you can’t walk bare foot on the floor without feeling the icy chill in your bones. Usually made of jute or wool, carpets are durable and with proper care, can last for many years.

Carpets are the most important accessory that we can find in our homes or in the office premises. However, we all know that carpets attract dirt and often food particle, spills and stains make these ‘objects of beauty’ look very dirty and cheap. Also, the accumulation of dirt in the carpets and an extended period of no cleaning can cause severe health hazards. Vacuum cleaners and cheap cleaning products from the market may appear to be sufficient but trust us, they aren’t. The maximum you can achieve with a vacuum cleaner is get rid of the superficial dust particles but it’s impossible to remove wine or animal urine stains with regular and cheap products.

The hiring of experts from a reputed carpet cleaning company is therefore mandatory to ensure a healthy environment in your house or in the business premises. Carpet cleaners are paid professionals who are trained to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet without damaging the texture of the carpet. Ask yourself this- why should I go for cleaning it myself where I can get it wrong when there are professionals who can do it right the first time?

I suppose it’s important to actually understand the benefits before agreeing on any service.

To that end, let me show you exactly how carpet cleaning is important and the advantages of professional carpet cleaning services:

Save time – Let’s face it, we live in an ever changing environment with fast professional lives filled with deadlines and the kind. We hardly get time to have our breakfast before we are off to work, let alone clean our house. Carpet cleaning requires a lot of effort as not only does it involve the strenuous task of removing stains but it’s also important to move the furniture around to do so. Hence, with a cleaning solution, you can say goodbye to that headache and just leave it to the professionals. While you work at your office and meet your targets, the cleaners will take the necessary procedures to clean your carpet.

Get rid of odours- Your carpet maybe a valuable part of your living room, but it may become a cause of your disgust if it smells peculiar. To save yourself the trouble of carpet cleaning, hire professional cleaners who use high-grade chemicals to remove that odor and replace it with a nice fragrance. This is long lasting and effective, as opposed to the material found at your local store which can at most mask the smell for a temporary period. And we want value for money, right?

Industrial-grade vacuum cleaner- Professional carpet cleaners always vacuum clean the carpets with a powerful vacuum cleaner by removing dust and dirt before proceeding with the primary cleaning methods. With industrial-grade equipment, they are far better equipped to deal with cleaning than you are. They know what to use, when to use and exactly how much to use it which is important to extend the life of your carpet, apart from cleansing it.

Improve the aesthetics of the interiors- One of the primary reasons of maintaining a carpet is to enhance the beauty of the interiors. From the famed Persian carpet to the one you could buy from the supermarket, carpets are an important asset to the beautification of the interiors. It’s for this very reason that it is essential to maintain a clean carpet. A team of carpet cleaning professionals will use the latest techniques to render the carpets spotlessly clean and ensure that you get the best compliments for the cleanest and beautiful carpet.

Maintain the quality of a new carpet- Expert carpet cleaners make sure to use high quality solutions and proper equipment to do their job. As opposed to regular and cheap chemicals found at the market which may make your precious carpet coarse and rugged, professional cleaners would keep the carpet quality as a priority in their minds. Your carpet remains smooth and great to look at, sans the stains and undesirables. Ultimately, we don’t want a cleaning to make our carpet look like a straw mat, correct?

There are a number of health benefits to hiring professional carpet cleaners:

1. The chemicals and methods in use by professional cleaners serve to eliminate germs and other trapped pollutants in the carpets. This allows you and your family to stay healthy while sitting or lying on your carpet.

2. Presence of excessive dust particles and contaminants may cause severe health problems, especially in people suffering from asthma and other health issues. A professional cleaning, which ensures the total sanitation of the carpet makes it a helpful requirement for such people.

3. Due to excessive moisture accumulation during the rainy season, carpets become a breeding ground of mold and mildew. These are unquestionably unhygienic and require professional hands to deal with. The high-end chemicals and advanced cleaning methods of a cleaning company keep a carpet dry and prevent fungal formation.

4. Dust mites are another threat to a clean household/business premises. Being microscopic, they aren’t visible to the naked eye and when inhaled, they can cause allergic reactions. The method of steam cleaning by professional cleaners destroys dust mites by exposing them to high temperatures.

Being that carpets enhance the interiors, we should never neglect them. Cleaning them is a must. Therefore, isn’t it prudent and smart to seek help of the professionals from a reputed carpet cleaning company? Be that the case, FLOOR CARE, a division of PARAGON PEAK BUILDING MAINTENANCE, is there to answer your requirements. Experts in the cleaning business, be it floors, ceilings or carpets, we are the ones you can trust in your hour of need to keep your carpet clean and your home beautiful.

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