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April 6, 2017

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February 23, 2017



The importance of commercial cleaning is undeniable in professional organizations. A building is the superficial projection of the professionalism and standards a company maintains. Naturally, you would want to keep it spotlessly clean and germ-free for your clients and customers. Nowadays, the cleaning procedure and equipment have become more advanced to an extent that it’s easier to carry proper cleaning in the commercial areas.

What’s Makes Floor Care Crucial?

Budget planning is important in any organization. Things are becoming expensive; cost of maintenance is high and the income in comparison is low. Despite all these, it is imperative to hire a professional from a reputed floor cleaning company, who would apply the latest cleaning methods to keep the premises clean:

  • Flooring is a rather expensive investment. So, it needs to be maintained properly. You will be prudent to realize that a damaged floor will cost you both time and money. The expenses would definitely be higher than what you would incur by hiring an expert from a floor-care company.

  • The image you project is crucial to bringing business to the company. Studies indicate that most customers consider floors as the first criterion to judge an establishment’s hygiene levels. So, if your floor is dirty, you are sure to lose business.

  • The waste generated from the repairing work are added to the waste pile. Landfill is detrimental to the environment and proper maintenance of floors can reduce that need. So, in other words, by maintaining your floors you actually care for the planet.

  • The cleaner your floor is, the safer it is to walk on. Accidents are common occurrences in establishments that have dirty floors. Dirt and grime make the floor slippery. Rather than be dragged to court, it’s better to keep the floors clean.

What Flooring Materials Are Used Today?

Waxing was a process used for floor maintenance in the past when hardwood floors were in prominence. Times have changed, and with it, floors. Modern needs dictate modern materials and methods. Let us discuss the different materials used nowadays in flooring:

  • Laminates are a very popular choice for flooring as it looks exactly like hardwood but doesn’t need the amount of maintenance needed for the latter. The expense involved is lower and it’s easy to install laminate flooring.

  • The major choice for today’s flooring in corporate buildings, vinyl composition tile or VCT is widely used. Another type, the luxury vinyl tile or LVT has gained greater popularity. The real benefit of this type of flooring is the minimal need for maintenance.

  • Concrete is tough and using it as flooring makes the establishment sturdier as well as gives it a sleeker and more contemporary look. The maintenance is borderline, in comparison and quite attractive to visitors.

  • From marble to limestone to slate, stone flooring is where you are spoilt for choice. They are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Numerous designs are available for stone flooring. This flooring type is gaining popularity at a rapid rate.

What Modern Equipment Is Available?

It goes without saying that as flooring materials have evolved, so has the equipment necessary to maintain them. The old tried and tested procedures are now history as the best methods are at play to keep your modern floor sturdy and clean. Here’s the following equipment we use nowadays:

  • The scrubbers we use nowadays have shrunk in size and are in fact more useful than the previous ones. Highly portable and cordless, they can be used to clean and maintain almost any space on the floor. Also, scrubbers today have a drying function which runs simultaneously with the scrubbing process. Thus, you get things done more easily and in half the time.

  • Floor scrubbing machines come in different shapes and sizes to cleaning process effective on different floor types. From corners to edges, today’s machines can clean every inch of the floor. Apart from the timesaving aspect, this also saves you the unnecessary effort. Brush machines are also available which use lesser chemicals and water but produce a deeper cleaning effect than has been seen before.

  • Robotics have been around for a long time but their applications in the cleaning business has not been profound yet. Nonetheless, they are today capable of taking care of the simpler tasks while leaving the more extensive ones to the humans.

As mentioned, floor cleaning is a critical part of any business. It drives impressions and hygiene. It is economical and reduces waste. So, what are you waiting for? Call up Floor-Care and have our seasoned professionals take care of your floor maintenance needs.