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April 6, 2017

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February 23, 2017


Everyone dreams of adorning their homes with oriental rugs, which can add an exquisite appeal to the atmosphere and grab the attention of visitors. Demand for the oriental rugs is high amongst homeowners because those are endowed with a distinguished aesthetic quality that exudes both elegance and beauty.

But, when it comes to the maintenance and oriental rug cleaning, you need to take a few precautions. Oriental rugs, if knotted by hand, are more susceptible to environmental changes. Consequently, they might bear signs of premature damage if not maintained properly. Before you learn about their maintenance, check out the factors below that can cause damage and wear to oriental rugs.

Factors Inducing Damage to Oriental Rugs:

1. Damage Caused by Water:

Oriental rugs come with a cotton warping on which the wool pile is created through tied knots. This feature is common in almost all oriental rugs as its keeps the rug straightened and flat for a very long period. Many people place potted plants near rugs to enhance the beauty of the interior. However, pots, that are made of clay, leaks water and can get absorbed into the cotton foundation of the rugs. The texture of the rugs, which are exposed to water leakages and are not dried properly, can get weakened over the time.

2. Damage Caused by Moths:

Moths can hatch eggs on the surface of the rugs which cause the production of the larvae. Larvae can consume the fur, wool, silk fiber and feather, and leave sand-like debris on the rug. You are more likely to see such damage if your rug does not receive much footfall, is not vacuumed properly and kept in a dark and soggy place.

3. Damage Caused by Dogs and Cats:

If you have pets in your house, such as dogs and cats, those can also cause damage to your rugs. Dogs tend to chew up the rough surface of rugs whereas cats can affect the texture of the rugs by scratching over it.

4. Damage Caused by Vacuum Cleaner:

While it is better to vacuum your rugs every three days, its ‘beater bar’ or power brush can cause damage to the top layer of the rug, if used with pressure.

5. Damage Caused by Sun and Chemicals:

Most of the rugs are resistant to scorching heat of the sun and chemicals like bleach. However, this resistant power of rugs starts to weaken due to prolonged use. If you keep your rugs in a place where it receives direct sunlight, you are quite likely to observe discoloration over their surface. Moreover, many rug washing companies use bleach to clean the rugs. The idea is to make the rugs look shinier and brighter. But, chorine-based bleach gradually weakens the integrity of the natural fiber of the rugs.

What to Do to Take Care of Your Rugs:

1. If you want to keep a plant on the rug, try to place it over a stool. This allows some ventilation and the rugs, even if wet with the water leakage, can be dried. You also need to be careful about not placing your rugs over a damp or wet floor.

2. Try to clean your rugs every week with vacuum cleaner. Remember to flip it over and clean the back padding to ensure the destruction of any moth infestation.

3. Do not place mothballs beneath the rugs as they cannot kill larvae or moths. They rather exude an unpleasant smell which can trigger asthma and other respiratory problems.

4. It is always better to keep rotating your rugs in every one-two months so that the damages are more evenly distributed, which will keep up the uniformity of the rug structure.

5. Block the way of any direct sunlight on your rugs in order to prevent any discoloration or fading.

6. Do not use harsh detergent, bleach or soap while washing your rugs. It is always better to consult rug cleaning professionals to do the cleaning job instead of trying it yourself.

7. You need to change the position of the furniture or any showpiece in every two months if any of them is placed on your rugs. It would prevent any further damage to affect the quality of your rugs.

8. As a part of the cleaning process, kindly wipe the rugs with a dry cloth. This helps shed off any loose dirt and maintain the natural look of your rugs.

9. Remember to keep the rugs in an open and airy place in order to prevent any odor or moisture.

Contact Us and Get Professional Rug Cleaning:

Here, at, we understand the importance of rugs in enhancing the beauty of your home. We treat new and old rugs with different cleaning approaches and come up with customized plans which are both affordable and convenient. We would personally visit your house to investigate the condition of the rugs and offer you a cleaning plan that would bring back the natural luster of your rugs. Contact us today!

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