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April 6, 2017

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February 12, 2017


Bleach is usually the first thing that comes to mind when we see a dirty tile or stained grout. Though this has remained a popular choice over decades, over usage of bleach may cause more harm than good. The condition of your precious tiles may deteriorate if you regularly use bleach for cleaning purposes.

Let’s Dig Deeper:

Bleach doesn’t have a lot of applications when it comes to cleaning tiles. Bleach is a good disinfectant and ideal for removing stains from a surface. But the most disarming information is, excessive bleaching can damage the texture of the tiles. Ultimately, it is better to use modern alternatives to bleach to keep your floors safe and sturdy.

There are other myths about tile and grout cleaning that that we blindly try to follow with disastrous outcomes.

The Five Different Myths We Will Discuss Are:

Myth number 1: Acids are effective cleaners.

Fact: This is a major myth. Acid is extensively used by people who judge its effectiveness superficially. Though acids are adept at removing stains and dirt, they are highly corrosive in nature and excessive usage causes grout to break down. Needless to say, this cleaning ingredient will completely shake the stability of your tiles.

Myth number 2: Aggressive usage of wire brushes is a great way to remove dirt from grouts and tiles.

Fact: Wire brushes are extremely tough and can damage grout causing it to come out of the floor structure. No brush, other than the one with soft bristles should be used for this purpose. Rub the brush on the tiles after applying an effective cleaning solution. This method helps to remove the stains and keep your grout intact.

Myth number 3: Mopping is effective for cleaning tiles.

Fact: This is true only in case of proper mopping. The steps to be followed while mopping a floor are:

  • Make sure you use clean water otherwise all you will achieve after moving the mop around the floor is an unclean and dull look from the dirt present in the water.

  • After mopping, use an abundance of clean water to rinse and wash away the dirt and grime.

  • After rinsing, it is important to remove all traces of moisture from the floor. You may use a wet vacuum cleaner or a dry towel to achieve this. This means that the remaining water will not seep into the grout surface, causing internal damage to the floor.

Myth number 4: Let the soapy water remain on the tiles to ensure perfect results.

Fact: This does function to loosen any sort of dirt or mud on the surface but ultimately it accumulates a lot of dirt by itself. This is detrimental to the cleaning process.  Therefore, it is better to completely rinse the tile surface with clean water and then dry the floor.

Myth number 5: Sealing a tile floor eliminates the need for maintenance.

Fact: Efficient cleaning and the sealing of the tile will make it more long lasting but eventually, constant use of the floor in highly active areas like offices will remove the sealer. Hence, it is necessary to regularly clean and rinse the tiles and grout to ensure removal of stains and dirt.

Remember that tiles and grout are vital components of the floor where you walk on. It is essential to use the appropriate cleaning solutions and apply the right cleaning techniques to clean the tiles and grout. Following myths without rhyme or reason will simply deteriorate the condition of your precious tiles and make the floor look hideous and unhygienic. Impressions aside, this will make others, including your customers, think twice before initiating a business relationship with you. It is critical to understand the right ways of cleaning to make sure that you get impressive results.

So, don’t waste any further time and call Floor-Care today for meeting your tile cleaning needs!

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