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April 6, 2017

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Natural Stone Care: Preservation, Maintenance and Restoration

February 2, 2017


Natural stones possess an attractive and lustrous appearance. But, with the installation of natural stones comes the fear of their maintenance. People people have a misconception that natural stones require meticulous cleaning services so that their external appearance can be maintained.

But, the truth is that natural stones can follow normal cleaning methods and require no additional maintenance. But, you need some detailed information about their nature, type and density so that you can choose the right kind of maintenance for them.

Natural stone care goes through a cyclical pattern- preservation, maintenance and restoration. Maintaining and preserving natural stones become easy when you are conscious of their specific quality allowing you to implement the proper care techniques.

Preservation of Natural Stones

The preservation of your natural stones start with the assessment of their present condition. Seek expert consultation to investigate the present quality of your stones. Make a checklist with essential questions such as:

  • Do the tiles appear even or rather flat?

  • Is there any visible stain on the stone? If so, what measures can be taken to remove it?

  • Are the tiles of superior quality with no leaks or cracks?

You can also make a visual examination to determine the types of your stones. Natural stones are generally made of calcareous (such as limestone and marble) and siliceous (such as slate, granite and sandstone) elements.

After the examination of the composition elements and the present quality of the stone, you need to determine long term preventive plans.

For example, stones made of granite do not need very careful treatment as they are immune to stains and scratches. But, in case of marble stones, you need to be cautious about the acidic reaction that might occur with food items such as wine or tomato sauce. You can wipe off any spill from a granite stone but you need to blot the stain out of a marble floor.

The more you gain awareness and knowledge about the nature of your stone, the better your preservation tactics will be. In case your stone is made of calcareous elements, you might need to consider floor polishing to retain their glossy look. 

Maintenance of Natural Stones

Natural stone maintenance also calls for some initial investigations about the density of the stones and other environmental factors. Moreover, you need to keep a track of the absorption rate of your stones to decide on the best maintenance techniques to make your stones last longer. Moreover, you should always consult a professional before you select any maintenance tools and methods. Even though different kinds of natural stones demand different types of maintenance, there are some common Dos and Don’ts for you to follow so that you can maintain the durability and quality of the natural stones. 

Natural Stone Maintenance: What You Need to Do

  • Brush off any loose dirt rather than mopping them or cleaning them with vacuum cleaner.

  • Blot, don’t wipe

  • Perform cleaning with natural materials like baking soda. You can also prepare a warm soapy water with mild detergent.

  • Make sure to keep the area dry after cleaning.

  • Seek professional help if you cannot determine the right maintenance techniques for the natural stones. 

What You Should Avoid Doing

  • Avoid using commercial products containing acid on marble tiles. Do not use natural elements such as vinegar on them as it might lead to acidic reactions and stains.

  • Refrain from mixing chemical products such as Ammonia and bleach because it would make permanent damages on your stones while making them stainless for a temporary period.

  • Do not use cheap cleaning chemical. Use products which are recommended by cleaning professionals.

 Restoration of Natural Stones

It might seem that restoration of natural stones is unnecessary because you are already spending some money for their maintenance. But, all natural stones are subject to environmental conditions and exposed to external elements which depreciate in their quality and value. Therefore, you need to consult restoration and repairing experts who examine the extent to which the natural stones are damaged and apply restoration techniques accordingly so that your stones regain the look which they had on the first day of the installation. 

Learn More About Natural Stone Care: Contact Us

You would need professional help for the proper preservation, maintenance and restoration of natural stones. At, we would assist you in fulfilling all your maintenance needs for effective stone care. Visit us today and see the difference in the look of your natural stones.

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