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April 6, 2017

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Why Is It Essential to Leave Pool Tile Cleaning in Expert Hands?

October 5, 2016

A swimming pool can be a great asset to one’s enjoyment, but it can become an eyesore if not maintained properly. Remember, cleaning the pool tiles is one maintenance routine that should never be ignored. If left uncleaned, the tiles can quickly gain an accumulation of mildew, which can result in the appearance of a ring around the pool.

Why do these issues arise? Let’s have a brief look:

Common reasons for your pool tile contamination are:

1. Improper balance of the PH level
2. Clogged, blocked or damaged filtering system
3. Weather conditions that allow algae to multiply
4. Irregular maintenance

Why do you call an expert?


The numerous problems discussed above are best left in the hands of the pool tile cleaning experts. They use the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment to safely clean the pool tiles. Let’s take a look at what they do to keep the pool clean and beautiful:

1. Experts know precisely how much chlorine your swimming pool needs:

Chlorine is an essential disinfectant that not only kills the germs (bacteria and other microbes) but also helps to maintain the normal PH balance of the water. Now, it is during the application of appropriate amounts of chlorine that we need the help of an expert. Most of us do not know the exact level of chlorine usage in a swimming pool. A decreased level of chlorine permits the germs to breed and disrupts the PH balance. A high level of it damages tiles, allows calcium build-up on them and tarnishes the color of the tiles, giving them a bleached look.

2. Experts keep you and your pool away from serious threats caused by wrong usage of chemicals:

There are a range of pool tile cleaning products available in the market. Inappropriate usage of these products can damage the pool tiles and cause severe health issues. Some products are so harsh that they are capable of delivering life threatening effects. Some products may want to be devoid of any human touch for hours or even days before reutilisation.

3. Experts take special care to colored tiles:

Experts must be called if you have colored tiles. Any negligence on your part can give those tiles an undesirable look. Many products available in the market contain bleachs or other harmful ingredients that can make your pool tiles appear grimy. The most appalling fact is these products can change the color of the tiles completely! So, it is better to rely of the skills of the experts.

4. Experts know exactly when and how to apply tile cleaners:

Experts know whether or not to use a tile cleaner once or twice in a year. Normally your swimming pool needs a yearly application of tile cleaners- likely at the beginning of the pool season. This depends upon the type of your pool tiles. Normally tile cleaners are applied when tiles are not in contact with water. First the pool is drained. Then, tile cleaners are applied and brushes are used to rub off stains. You may not know the exact kind of brushes or tile cleaner to use so your best option would be to seek help from the experts who have knowledge on various pool tile cleaning techniques.

5. Regular Pool Maintenance:

It is always better to sign a contract with a reputed pool cleaning company as that ensures regular maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool. The cleaning experts give you a call on the specific day on which the pool needs to be cleaned, schedule an appointment and then arrive with the latest equipment and cleaning products to clean the pool tiles.

A bit of an assistance:

If you are confused so much on choosing the right experts to clean your tiles, then the ones at can ease your tensions. As a matter of fact, this high quality service is a division of Paragon Peak Building Maintenance. Founded in 2012, this service adds a range of the latest equipment with their expert technicians. It services both domestic and corporate areas. Focused to grow their customer base, FCC also looks upon building relationships with people to a great extent.

The last words:

Swimming pool tile cleaning can really be a tough job. Hiring the professionals is the best idea to keep your pool tiles clean and safe. The experts from companies like FCC can look after the needs of your pool that includes tile cleaning to maintaining the chemical balance of the pool.

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