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Saltillo Tile

Cleaning, Refinishing And Restoration

Saltillo Tile Refinishing & Restoration In Tucson, AZ

Saltillo Tile Refinishing in Tucson has many years experience in the refinishing and restoration of Saltillo tile. When refinished and maintained properly your Saltillo floor will have that clean, deep rich look for years to come. takes pride in restoring these unique southwestern tiles to their original luster. Our process usually involves chemically and mechanically stripping off the old sealer or wax that may be on the surface. Once the  old dirty and grimy wax surface has been completely removed we then finish the cleaning process of the tile and grout with machines and by hand to ensure the entire floor surface including edges and corners are completely clean and free of contaminants. has all the tools that could possibly be needed to fully refinish and restore your Saltillo tile. Depending on the particular job we might use a floor cleaning / buffing machine or one of our truck mounted steam clean systems or a combination of the two. Once completely stripped, cleaned and dry we then start the process of the top coat sealer application. This is done in multiple coats, in this step we usually use a high solids acrylic floor sealer as opposed to a wax. Waxes don’t hold hold up as well in high traffic areas or to frequent cleanings as well as acrylics do. Also acrylics will stay shinier longer and are also non ambering, meaning they don’t yellow nearly as badly as a standard floor wax would when exposed to the suns UV rays. Once complete you will have a beautiful, shiny and clean looking Saltillo tile floor.

Saltillo tile also known as Mexican Tile is a type of terra-cotta tile that originates in SaltilloCoahuilaMexico. It is one of the most famous products of the city. Saltillo-type tiles are now manufactured at many places in Mexico, and high-fire "Saltillo look" tiles, many from Italy, compete with the terra-cotta originals.


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Dirty Saltillo tile before strip and wax refinishing

Dirty Saltillo tile in Tucson Arizona mid town

Cleaned & sealed Saltillo tile after strip and wax refinishing

Clean Saltillo tile in Tucson Arizona mid town offers a number of finish solutions to choose from depending on whether the Saltillo tile is located indoors or outside and the finish desired by the customer. We offer gloss finishes, semi gloss, satin and matte for most of our tile clean, seal and refinish projects. This allows you to choose the new look for your Saltillo tile that fits your needs and decor.


In general even the shiny gloss finishes do not increase slip and fall hazards, but if required we can treat the surface with an anti-slip resistant agent to ensure the saltillo tile is not slippery when wet especially when the tile is located outside.


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Saltillo tile after cleaning, before color seal and new finish application

Clean Saltillo tile in Tucson Arizona Catalina Foothills

Saltillo tile after grout repair, color seal and complete refinish

Refinished Saltillo tile in Tucson Arizona Catalina Foothills

Above photos are an example of Saltillo tile clean, grout repair, color seal and application of new acrylic tile finish.

During the refinishing process many times it becomes apparent that the floors weak link is the grout, due to age, use, lack of sealing and other variables such as cracks in the foundation the grout can becomes cracked, pitted and discolored and until the grout is properly repaired the floor will not look its best. can help, we provide grout repair, full re-grouting and color sealing the new and existing grout so that everything looks new and matches to the desired color that the customer has chosen.

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