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Decorating your house with fine oriental and area rugs can render an attractive and extravagant look. But, when it comes to cleaning, you should always call professionals. Fine area rugs can receive a lot of foot traffic and get smeared with dry soil, dirt and dust. If not washed regularly, dirt can leave permanent marks on the rugs. With the passage of time, the rugs can look faded and unattractive.

We at understand the importance of great looking oriental rugs in your home.  We use state-of-the-art washing technology and high-quality equipment and materials that help to maintain the natural luster, fiber and structure of these rugs.  Find out how we can offer you the ultimate cleaning solutions for your oriental rugs through gentle and effective washing procedure.

We only use filtered and softened water for our area rug and carpet cleaning

Steps of Cleaning Fine Area Rugs:

Step No. 1: Pre-cleaning Inspection

Unlike other rug cleaning companies, our trained professionals and technicians visit your home personally. We thoroughly inspect the quality of the rugs and identify the types of marks and stains on the rugs in order to determine the best washing tools and cleaning procedure.


Step No. 2: Removal of Dirt and Stain

Our certified cleaning experts make use of top-of-the-line equipment to remove the dry soil from the rugs. This is the first step of the cleaning process. We also opt for special protection tools for old rugs which makes them resistant to any further damage for a prolonged period.


Step No. 3: Surface Washing

Next, rugs are cleaned with environment-friendly and pet-friendly solutions along with hot water, which allows the rugs to shed any existing dirt and stain, and helps us achieve the optimal removal of dry soil and mud.

Step No. 4: Dry Cleaning Process

Rugs, which are in good condition, are generally hand washed and then undergo a water-extraction process. In case of old or already worn out rugs, we use foams in the dry cleaning process. Instead of harsh washing chemicals, we use mild detergents along with deodorizer to ensure quality cleaning.

Step no. 5: Installation

Before installing the rugs, the floor covering is thoroughly cleaned. Moreover, the floor surface is dried and vacuumed in order to prevent the future growth of any mold or bacteria.

We offer a convenient pick-and-drop service for your rug so that you enjoy a satisfying cleaning experience.