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Granite Cleaning, Sealing & Restoration

In Tucson, AZ provides complete granite tile and slab cleaning, sealing and restoration in Tucson, Arizona, Oro Valley and surrounding areas.


Not only can we clean and seal natural granite and engineered granite surfaces we can also restore them and return the stone to their original beauty and sometimes even better than when the stone was "new". If the customer just wants the stone cleaned and sealed offers a number of different sealer options to choose from. some of the options include a penetrating sealer that helps with porosity in the Granite by filling in micro pours. This type of penetrating sealer will also help protect the stone not to stain as easily by providing a clear protective barrier against staining and will make cleaning the granite tile and slabs easier. Another type of sealing agent we use is known as an enhancer. The enhancer sealer that has chosen to use provides all of the same benefits as the penetrating stone sealer mentioned above but goes a step further by permanently increasing the natural look of the granite stone. Our granite enhancing sealer makes the colors of the stone pop really bringing out the natural beauty of your granite this type of sealer can also increase the shine of the surface as well adding even more luster.

There are situations where cleaning and sealing the Granite are simply not enough. In these cases the stone will need what is considered restoration work by diamond grinding, honing and polishing of the stone surface. has many specialized tools and equipment depending on exactly what the granite needs and what the customer wants to accomplish. Are you looking for more of a honed matte look, or do you want the highest shine possible? Does the Granite stone need some scratch repairs? Is it the whole surface that needs to be refinished or just some spot repair work? Can the stone be repaired and then simply buffed out? These are all services we offer our customers for repairing, restoring and beautifying your granite surfaces. uses only the finest industrial Italian diamond tools and machines following the principals and processes of the Italian stone masters who have perfected them over many years. Contact us your local natural stone expert. serves Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana and surrounding areas. Call us today for your free consultation.