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Garage Cabinet Color Choices in Tucson Arizona storage cabinets for garages are available in twelve great powder-coated colors to complement any garage. offers more color choices than any other utility storage cabinet manufacturer. And with a choice of color coordinated handles, your finished cabinets will look great for many years.

The beauty of these cabinets is not only skin deep. Powder coating creates a finish that is as durable as it is attractive. All exterior surfaces (fronts, backs, sides) are sealed – no seams or cracks – creating a tough surface that is perfect for the garage. And keeping them looking great is  a breeze…


More powder-coated color choices than the competition!

Simply wipe them down with any household cleaner and water to maintain their bright colors and good looks. Last, but not least, only cabinets are guaranteed for a lifetime.  When you decide to go with custom storage cabinets from your options immediately increase twenty fold. Storage solutions from a home improvement store may offer you five color choices. Enhance your garage with one of twelve different powder coat colors offered by Pick a color that happens to be your favorite, represents a favored professional team, or matches your garage floor. You have the power to make the garage space your own.

It may come as a shock that customizing the garage is even an option. The reality of not having an organized garage is all too real for many homeowners. The idea of turning the garage into the ultimate workshop has been a distant future pipe dream. If this sounds like you and your garage then you have most certainly come to the right place and you are absolutely not alone. understands the reality of having inadequate home garage storage solutions. Our desires were certainly similar to yours: cabinets for garage to store seasonal wear, sports equipment, and kids’ outside clothes; room in the garage to park the car(s); a custom and personalized shop garage, etc. We’ve experienced the frustration and disappointment of having to deal with the stuff the big box stores sell.

It was that frustration and disappointment in the status quo that fueled the creation of the best garage cabinets on the market. Since then we have expanded our product line to include garage workbenches and we continue to introduce new garage storage designs to the market. We are constantly seeking out additional products or features to help make your garage more functional, personal, and appealing.

Our goal is to provide homeowners with garage and storage solutions that are both functional and attractive. All of our custom made products are designed and built with the consumer in mind. We were the first customers. You can be certain that we won't offer anything to you that we are not already using.

Cabinets Built For Durability

We built our cabinets to withstand the extremes of temperature and humidity found in the typical garage and still function efficiently. Cabinet exteriors are powder-coated for an attractive, durable finish that outperforms paint or laminate finishes. Work surfaces will stand up to heavy every day use and still look great. Drawer boxes feature superior Baltic birch, dovetail construction and full-extension drawer glides with precision ball bearings for extended use. And heavy duty hardware throughout will last the lifetime of the cabinets.

Our Cabinets Were Designed And Built Specifically For The Typical Garage Environment:

• Powder-coated exterior surfaces, with multiple color choices

• More than 500 cabinets choices

• 9-ply Baltic birch plywood drawers – won't warp or disintegrate

• Drawers feature dovetail construction for strength

• Full-extension drawer slides with 100 lb. static and dynamic rating

• 6-way adjustable door hinges

• Anodized aluminum or stainless steel handles – resist rust and corrosion

• Powder-coated steel hang rail 

• Cabinets depths of 12", 16" or 24”

• Single and bi-fold doors available for tight spaces and limited clearance

• Lifetime Warranty 

Tough Skinned

They say beauty is only skin deep, but the skin on these cabinets is as tough as it is beautiful. The powder-coated finish seals all exterior surfaces – no seams or cracks – and creates a hard durable surface that will withstand cold, heat, humidity, oil, grease, household chemicals, dirt and grime, all found in the garage. And the finishes are as attractive as they are durable, with many exciting decorator colors from which to choose.

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