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Flagstone Refinishing Cleaning and Sealing in Tucson, Arizona

Flagstone is a general term for flat or slab type stones that are used for paving walkways, patios, around pool areas, countertop tops, fireplaces and window ledges.


Flagstone is usually made up and consists of sandstone, feldspar and quartz. Flagstone is bound together by silica, calcite or iron oxide.


There are multiple quarries where flagstone is mined, but the town of Ash Fork Arizona has proclaimed itself “The Flagstone Capitol of the World” due to its huge yearly production volumes. Arizona flagstone as its known consists primarily of rounded grains of quartz that are cemented by silica. Other minerals and clay are present such as mica, calcite and gypsum. Much of the flagstone we see throughout the state is of the Arizona flagstone variety.


Flagstone cleaning and sealing also known simply as refinishing is an important part of flagstone maintenance. Flagstone that is left out in the elements without proper sealing can begin to deteriorate, calcify and in severe cases break apart due to water penetration and temperature change.  There are different cleaning and resurfacing options available depending on whether the flagstone is located on the interior of a building or being used outdoors.

Flagstone patio tile in need of restoration

Flagstone tile floor restoration

Flagstone patio tile old sealer removed, then cleaned and resealed

Flagstone tile floor restoration

In order to clean and seal the Flagstone properly it sometimes is necessary to strip off, or remove an old and worn sealer coating that has been previously applied to the Flagstone floor or surface. If this is the case we would strip off this old surface then thoroughly clean and neutralize the flagstone. The next step would be to make any necessary repairs in the stone or grout joints. After these steps have been completed then the sealing application can begin. After the application of sealer is completed sometimes a urethane, acrylic or polyaspartic topcoat is applied to build up the surface if a higher build and sheen is required. has the equipment needed to clean, seal and restore all of your natural stone surfaces. Our experienced technicians will help you choose the right cleaning method and finishes to fit your application and desired results.

Heres an example of our Flagstone work before and after on an outdoor patio and pool area. We stripped off old sealer, made grout repairs and applied multiple coats of a hi UV resistant, solvent based sealer. The stones look wet but are fully dry.

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This is an example of red interior Flagstone with white grout that had been sealed with a solvent based product. The existing finish was so decayed it was hard to see that the stone was red until fully cleaned and resealed.

After removing the furniture a lot of time was spent stripping off old finish. Solvent finishes are tedious to remove and take longer than water based products. Once stripped and cleaned we applied multiple coats of a hi UV resistant, solvent based sealer. The stones look wet but are fully dry.

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