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Ceiling Tiles, Walls and Appliance Cleaning and Restoration (FCC) is proud to be an authorized dealer for Ceiling Pro International providing service in 46 countries worldwide. We serve Tucson and southern Arizona we specializes in all forms of ceiling tile cleaning and restoration. FCC also deep cleans commercial and industrial kitchen appliances like ovens, refrigerators, grills, fryers and vent hoods restoring them to an almost like new look. be sure to check out our references at the bottom of the page.

Markets we service:

  • Restaurants

  • Grocery Stores

  • Manufacturing

  • Car Dealerships

  • Hotels

  • Movie Theatre’s

  • Warehouses

  • Health Clubs / Gyms

  • Hospitals / Clinics

  • Bar/Restaurants

  • Retail stores

  • Schools – Public and Private

  • Nursing Homes

Our ceiling cleaning includes Acoustic Ceiling Tile, Vinyl (Kitchen) Ceiling Tile, Open Beam, Metal and Wood Ceilings…

In addition to ceiling tile cleaning and restoration we can make your ceiling grid system look like new again all without replacement. Restaurants and kitchen operations in Tucson and Southern Arizona know how important keeping rust from forming and building up on the ceiling grid system is and what a problem it is when it starts. Our skilled technicians will measure, cut and install a special vinyl cap that after the existing grid has been cleaned of rust the new cap will then be installed over the existing all with out expensive replacement. Similar to how dentist cap damaged teeth we do with ceiling grid systems to keep you in business and looking good, all at a fraction of the cost, time and mess of replacing a ceiling grid. Our new vinyl grid caps DO NOT allow rust to form and look great for years.

Wall Cleaning:

We specialize in cleaning of painted and non-painted walls like FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) concrete, tile, brick, and limestone. Some customers have wanted them to be cleaned so that afterward they could be repainted and have found that the walls looked so good after cleaning there was no need to paint them further maximizing budgets and minimizing rehab costs.

High Dusting:

Our crews are skilled and experienced with the high dusting of wood and metal beams in supermarkets, grocery stores, shopping malls and industrial locations like factories and warehouses. Allow us to keep your facility looking good and your operations up to standard.

Construction & Remodeling:

Many times after a remodel project the entire facility need a very thorough cleaning to remove debris and that thick fine dust left over from the construction work. Ceilings, walls, windows, kitchens, floors and everything in between needs a thorough cleaning, is here to help and make your building look great.


In some cases ceiling tiles are too damaged to be simply cleaned, not to worry, uses a proprietary material called ReCoat to professionally restore ceilings that are to worn out to be cleaned. The results are amazing and in most cases, the ceiling looks brand new at a fraction of the cost of painting and way less than replacement. It is very important for our customers to understand that our ReCoat product IS NOT A PAINT. Anyone who has tried paint ceilings tile knows how they usually end up, they look painted and messy, sooner rather than later the tiles start having all the old dirt and water stain damage show right back through the painted tiles. Worse yet these tiles eventually start bowing, sagging, cracking and peeling. More important than the way the tile looks is that the ceiling tile has now lost all of its fire rating protection and due to the painting has also lost it acoustical properties making offices 30-50% louder because the painted tiles cannot absorb sound anymore making them worthless for the job they were intended to do.

ReCoat solves all these problems the ceilings applied with ReCoat look beautiful and in almost all cases like a brand new ceiling has been installed. Since ReCoat is made from the same acoustical material that is applied to new tiles there is no loss of fire protection or acoustical sound absorption keeping things quite. In order to apply ReCoat successfully, the ceiling tiles are cleaned with our proprietary solutions that clean the tile and grid systems, once this has been done the ceiling can now accept our ReCoat material and the transformation is complete. For a fraction of the cost, time, mess and hassle you will have that newly installed look.

Light lenses & Air Vents:

When your ceiling and grid systems are cleaned we don’t leave out your light lenses or air vents. Many times these are just as dirty and look just as bad was the ceilings themselves. With our proprietary solutions, we can clean these air vents and light lenses and help restore them to their initial look and functionality as when new. Some lenses and difusers are too worn out and brittle to cleaned satisfactorily in that case we can simply replace them for you.